Main Books Published

“Argentina's Annotated Civil and Commercial Code”,

VI. Ricardo L. Lorenzetti (Director). Coauthor.  “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2015.

“Top Cases of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina - Civil Liability”,

v. IV. Ricardo L. Lorenzetti (Director). Coauthor. “La Ley” Publishers. 2014


Second updated publication. Ricardo L. Lorenzetti (Author). Collaborator in the updated version. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2009

“Legal Protection of Consumers”,

with foreword written by Ricardo L. Lorenzetti. Author. LexisNexis-Depalma. 2004

“Consumer Protection”,

Author. LexisNexis-Abeledo-Perrot. 2003

“Consumer Justice”,

Author, “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2014.

“Annotated Constitution of the Argentine Republic”,

volume II. Daniel Sabsay (Director). Coauthor. “Hammurabi” Publishers. 2010

“Consumer Protection Law”,

Coauthored by Jorge Mosset Iturraspe. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2008. Reprinted in 2010.

“Institutions of Modern Private Law”,

Alterini – Picasso – Wajntraub (Coordinators). Coauthor. Abeledo-Perrot. 2001


Main Publications.

“Strengthening of Consumer Rights in Argentina's Civil and Commercial Code”,

Tort Law Journal 2016-1, “Consumers”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2016.

“A concrete progress towards the setting of appropriate game rules”,

“La Ley” Legal Journal. April. 2016.

“Consumption Agreements in the 2012 Civil and Commercial Code Draft and in Law No. 24,240”,

Community and Private Law Journal 2014-2, “Contract-Related issues. Contracts in particular”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2014.

“The necessary maturity of any group action within the framework of consumption relations”,

Insurance and Civil Liability Journal, year XIII, No. 11, November. “La Ley” Publishers. 2011.

“The purpose of any amount derived from the application of punitive damages”,

Tort Law Journal 2011-2, “Punitive Damage”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2011.

“The rights of consumers as a system of statutory features”,

Court-made legal opinions, year XXVII – No. 39. “La Ley” Publishers. 2011.

“Public Utilities in Law 26,361”,

Community and Private Law Journal 2009-1, “Consumers”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2009.

“Group Actions against Banks and other Financial Brokers for the Placement of Securities”,

Coauthor. “La Ley” Argentine Legal Journal. 2006.

“The concept of 'consumer' after the amendment to Law No. 24,240”,

Special supplement “Amendment to the Consumer Protection Law”. “La Ley” Publishers. 2008.

“Related Actions within the Framework of Contracts in Consumer Law”,

Community and Private Law Journal 2007-2, “Related Contracts”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2007.

“Brief Insights about Debtor Protection in Credit Transactions for Consumption”,

Private Law Critical Journal No. 1, Civil Law Unit. Montevideo. Uruguay. 2004.

“Execution of contracts by electronic means, in the context of the new Spanish provisions on electronic signature",

“Jurisprudencia Argentina” Journal. 2000.

“Professional Fees in Mandatory Pre-Trial Mediation Proceedings”,

Journal issued by the Bar Association of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CPACF). 1997.

“Residential Public Utility Users within the Framework of Argentine Provisions on Consumer Rights”,

“Universitas Iuris” Publishers. 1997.

“A step backward in consumer rights – Law No. 27,250 which amended the generic duty of information”,

“La Ley” Legal Journal. Volume 2016-D July. 2016.

“Direct Damage upon Enactment of Law No. 26,993”,

Insurance and Civil Liability Journal, year XVII, No. 1, January. “La Ley” Publishers. 2015.

“Recurring Issues as regards Group Actions”,

Court-made legal opinions, year XXVIII – No. 37. “La Ley” Publishers. 2012.

“The Statute of Paraguayan Consumers”,

“La Ley” – Paraguayan Legal Journal – Issue No.10, November. Paraguay. 2011.

“Insured Protection within the Framework of the Consumer Protection Law”,

Coauthor. “La Ley” Legal Journal. 2011.

“Administrative Procedure Applicable to Disputes between Passengers and Commercial Air Companies”,

“La Ley” Legal Journal. 2010.

“Negligence in Consumption Relations”,

Tort Law Journal 2009-1, “Negligence”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2009.

“Services rendered by companies: issues related to business risks”,

Community and Private Law Journal 2005-2, “Service Agreements”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2005.

“The agency relationship as a basis for civil liability within the framework of consumption contracts”,

 Tort Law Journal 2007-3, “Vicarious Liability”. “Rubinzal-Culzoni” Publishers. 2008.

“Suspension of contract performance”,

“La Ley” Argentine Legal Journal. 2007.

“First Insights about the New Regulations on Abusive Provisions (Resolution No. 53/2003 passed by the Secretary of Competition, Deregulation and Consumer Protection -SCDyDC-)”,

“LexisNexis” – “Jurisprudencia Argentina” Journal. 2003.

“Argentine Consumers: Current Situation”,

“Research Studies about Consumption” Journal. Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs. Spain. 1999.

“Liability of Residential Public Utility Providers”,

Coauthor. “Jurisprudencia Argentina” Journal. 1997.

“Toward the legal protection of consumers in Argentina”,

Coauthor. Legal Journal published by the Students Union. Law School. University of Buenos Aires (Universidad de Buenos Aires) 1993.

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